Cold fluid-applied products are safe and can be applied in conditions where hot rubber cannot...find out more
Since 2006 High End Development, Inc. has been servicing our clients with consistent and...find out more

"We deliver more than the standard warranty on every product we represent and install."

- Jim Metzger

President, CEO

Floor Underlayments
Gypsum underlayment systems are an excellent fire, sound & subfloor assembly...find out more
Over 60,000 decks in service and no leaks?  We are the hands down leader in deck coatings...find out more
Pedestrian, Traffic
& Underlayments
We are approved waterproofing and sealant applicators of over a dozen product lines - including...find out more
Gas & Vapor
As the population increases within California the need for land has forced builders to construct on...find out more
Below Grade
Project components such as extreme climate conditions or construction at the water table can...find out more
Hot Rubber
Waterproofing Systems
Hot rubber is known as a high-risk application process due to its melting procedure that is known...find out more
Leak Repairs


Gypsum Flooring Underlayments

Gypsum underlayment systems are an excellent fire, sound and sub-floor assembly for the building industry.  Over the past decade, High End has earned the reputation as the fastest growing gypsum floor applicator in the country. Our outstanding reputation in the industry for waterproofing has placed us at the forefront as gypsum flooring applicators.


We have installed millions of square feet of single family, multi-family, high density and commercial applications. including floor leveling and radiant heat flooring. Through our valuable, trusted relationships paired with the best gypsum floor manufacturer in the country we offer an invaluable resource - providing the information you need to make "sound" decisions on your projects through our quality installs. 

Let us install one of our cost effective solutions on your next project!

We'll pour it!  




Over 60,000 Decks in service and

no leaks!  

High End Development, Inc. is the #1 leader in deck coatings. Our work in the industry commenced over 15 years ago while rehabilitating damaged and neglected decks. Since then we have positioned ourselves as the go-to subcontractor for waterproof decks and deck coating solutions.


Our experience with deck coatings has played an instrumental role value-engineering and eliminating unnecessary and expensive deck options and providing a much simpler, cost-effective and warrantable solution. and we are approved applicators for cementicious, urethane, hot rubber and cold-fluid applied deck systems.

Our founder, Jim Metzger has simplified the cementicious decking world by creating a better solution towards the installation process.  This change shaves days off of the construction schedule and is sold to the builder at a lower cost.  When Jim presented this to the home building community High End Development, Inc. was instantly awarded multiple contracts.

Let's find the right decking system for your project!



Underlayment Coatings


Do you smell something?  

As the population increases in California, the need for space has forced builders to construct on top of land that otherwise would not be considered safe to build on due to contaminants in the soil.  Gas and vapor systems deliver a solution to the movement of chemical vapors or toxic gases found in the soils and groundwater.  These systems are developed to "cap" the vapor and gases in contaminated soils, mitigating the risk of any vapor or gas intrusion into the building.  

Our staff have cultivated strong relationships with environmental soil engineers who can assist you with  your project requirement.  Our overall experience in sealing the envelope (i.e. waterproofing) gives us the edge on protecting  your building against dangerous gas and vapor from seeping in to the building.  We install both a soil capping material and vent piping prior to slab pour - this method allows any vapor or contaminant to mitigate and protects your building from these harmful gases. This keeps the focus on the building while we take care of the vapor mitigation.

High End Development, Inc. is the leading expert in gas and vapor mitigation.  We understand just how important capping these contaminant soils to ensure a successful, safe and vapor-free buildings. 

Don't risk the chance of soil contaminants  leaking in to your building - we can help!

Gas & Vapor Mitigation



Below Grade Waterproofing

We've got watertight solutions!  

Project components, such as extreme climate conditions  or construction at the water table can pose complex and problematic challenges in keeping water and moisture out of your below grade project.  Water is under pressure below ground and  can force its way through even the smallest crevices in concrete.  This can cause water infiltration resulting in problems such as corroding the structure and damaging the building envelope.

High End Development, Inc. designs and warrants strategic installations with our manufacturers to protect your project's below-grade waterproofing systems from water intrusion issues.  This includes  sub-terrain levels, foundation walls, basements, elevator pits and tunnels.

We use products and installation procedures with durability and longevity!


Above-grade & Below-grade  



Fluid-applied waterproofing systems are a great and effective alternative to hot rubber.  Cold fluid-applied products are safe and can be applied in conditions where hot rubber cannot.  Common areas of these types of systems include planters, private decks, under concrete, pedestrian walk areas and more.

High End Development, Inc. has over 15 years of cold fluid-applied installations and is an approved applicator for all the major fluid-applied products on the market today.  We understand the importance of a proper substraight  in order for these products to perform.  We offer  concrete prepping, power washing and  moisture checks to ensure the fluid-applied product of your choice bonds successfully.

Let us help you decide which product line works best on your project!



Hot Rubber

The oldest but most effective!  

Hot rubber is known as a high-risk application process due to the melting procedure known to cause injuries and fires.  Our installers are trained in proper usage of fire extinguishers, immediate first-aid and setting up your job site for optimal safety.  All employees are provided with the top of the line safety equipment to ensure your product is delivered.

High End Development, Inc. added hot rubber to our scope of work over 10 years ago We are certified to install the top product provided in our industry and with several million feet of hot rubber products in service that making us the industry's leading hot rubber applicator.


With every hot rubber application we contract on the job we proceed with extreme caution and attention to detail. Our specialty teams are trained in setting up your job site for optimal safety without compromising your schedule.

No job is too hot to handle!





We can fix it!  

Injections are a solid remedy to existing concrete that needs repair or is leaking.  This method allows epoxy, grout or foam to be shot through pre-drilled holes into concrete, spreading out over the targeted areas behind the structure.  Upon contact with water, the system "gels up" to the water, creating a water-tight barrier.

High End Development, Inc. is the #1 source for injection projects in northern California.  We are Cetco, Grace and E-Pro's preferred injection applicator. In situations where concrete needs to either be repaired or waterproofed where excavation is not an option - we offer a wide range of services such as foam, chemical grout and epoxy injections.

We are your solution for

drying up stubborn jobs!





Delivery on time. On budget!  

High End Development, Inc. has been servicing our clients with consistent and dependable reconstruction solutions since 2006.  We provide the market with a "one stop shop" dedicated to rebuilding and recoating millions of square footage in renovation projects.

For over 13 years, property managers, homeowners, asset managers, and other contractors have trusted us to take on the toughest jobs under the most challenging conditions. We've completed dozens of special projects with unique conditions and products to be installed and hand over completed balcony decks in occupied units without disturbing tenants.

From sidewalks to storage facilities, theaters to commercial driveways, rooftop decks, leaky basements and everything in between chances are we have seen it, removed it, replaced it, and warranted that it won't happen again. 

Key Services:

  • Reconstruction of private balconies & elevated walkways - both framing and waterproofing
  • Repair of building envelope damage caused by water intrusion
  • Window & door replacement and/or reflashing
  • Interior unit-turns & tenant move-outs
  • Exterior siding & trim removal and replacement due to dry rot
  • Waterproof coating repairs and complete installs
  • Customized reconstruction services
Allow us to put your project together the right  way!
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