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Company Bio

Since 2006, High End Development, Inc. has been a specialty contractor. The company expertise is in Decking, Waterproofing, Gypsum Floors and Injections. Specifically, this includes decking and coatings, reconstruction, above and below grade waterproofing, gypsum flooring and concrete toppings and injections.

Prior to founding High End Development, Jim Metzger had worked as a successful sales representative for a waterproofing contractor for many years. Jim saw the opportunity to go out on his own and recreate the waterproofing system. As an innovator, Jim has redesigned gypsum flooring systems that had not been improved upon for 75 years.

As a highly sought after certified commercial applicator for new and old products, High End Development, Inc. has become an expert in identifying cost saving solutions. Understanding the right products to use in each application and designing systems to meet differing circumstances helps managers protect the value of the investments they control.

Jim Metzger is a co-founder of JRV Recovery Center and is actively involved as president. JRV Recovery Center is for substance abuse in recovery and rehabilitation and provides wellness training programs for its clients, many of whom are in the construction industry. (Please visit for more information.)

Development of our people, systems and processes is the key to success of our team at High End Development, Inc.

​A few of our satisfied clients within the HOA and Community Association industry include:

  • Villa Marin Homeowners Association

  • Associa

  • Bayside Management

  • Hudson Management Company

  • The Infinity San Francisco

  • FPI

  • First Service Residential

  • Regency Management Group

  • AMC

  • Fairfield Residential

  • Maximus

  • Advanced Property Management

  • Wheatley Properties

  • Del Costa HOA

  • John Stewart Company

  • Cushman & Wakefield

  • Fusion Communities

  • Advent Properties

  • Berkshire Communities

  • Paramount Property Management

  • JCM Partners

  • Prometheus


The Products We Use

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