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Above & Below Grade

Below Grade Waterproofing

Extreme climate conditions or construction at the water table can pose complex and problematic challenges in keeping water and moisture out of your project. Water is under pressure below ground and  can force its way through even the smallest crevices in concrete. This can cause water intrusion resulting in problems such as corroding the structure, concrete spalling and damaging the building envelope. ​


High End Development, Inc. designs and warrants strategic installations with our manufacturers to protect your project's below-grade waterproofing systems from water intrusion issues. This includes  sub-terrain levels, foundation walls, basements, elevator pits and tunnels.

Fluid-Applied Waterproofing

Fluid-applied waterproofing systems are a great and effective alternative to hot rubber. Cold fluid-applied products are safe and can be applied in conditions where hot rubber cannot. Common areas of these types of systems include planters, private decks, under concrete, pedestrian walk areas and more. ​


High End Development, Inc. has over 15 years of cold fluid-applied installations and is an approved applicator for all the major fluid-applied products on the market today. We understand the importance of a proper substraight in order for these products to perform. We offer concrete prepping, power washing and moisture checks to ensure the fluid-applied product of your choice bonds successfully.

Hot Rubber Waterproofing

Hot rubber is known as a high-risk application process due to the melting procedure known to cause injuries and fires.  Our installers are trained in proper usage of fire extinguishers, immediate first-aid and setting up your job site for optimal safety.  All employees are provided with the top of the line safety equipment to ensure your product is delivered. ​


High End Development, Inc. added hot rubber to our scope of work over 10 years ago We are certified to install the top product provided in our industry and with several million feet of hot rubber products in service that making us the industry's leading hot rubber applicator.


With every hot rubber application we contract on the job we proceed with extreme caution and attention to detail. Our specialty teams are trained in setting up your job site for optimal safety without compromising your schedule. ​

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