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Reconstruction / HOAs

High End Development, Inc. has been servicing our clients with consistent and dependable reconstruction solutions since 2006.  We provide the market with a "one stop shop" dedicated to rebuilding and recoating millions of square footage in renovation projects. ​


Property managers, homeowners, asset managers, and other contractors have trusted us to take on the toughest jobs under the most challenging conditions. Our expertise is used in special projects with unique conditions. We deliver completed balcony decks in occupied units without disturbing residents. ​


From sidewalks to storage facilities, theaters to commercial driveways, rooftop decks, leaky basements and everything in between chances are we have seen it, removed it, replaced it, and warranted that it won't happen again.

Key Services:

  • Inspections for compliance for SB 721 and SB 326

  • Exploratory & Investigative Testing

  • Cost Analysis

  • Rehabilitation and Repair Work

  • Project Management

  • Ongoing Maintenance Program

  • HED’s Warranty Program

  • Building Envelope Repairs due to Water Intrusion

  • Exterior Siding & Trim Replacement

  • Coating Reseals and Repairs

  • Dry Rot Repairs

  • Window & Door Replacement with Flashing

  • Reconstruction of Private Balconies, Decks, Stairs & Elevated Walkways, Entry Structures and Porches

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