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Exterior Elevated Elements and Associated Waterproofing Systems for Homeowner’s Associations and Community Associations

If you are involved with the management of a multi-family property, you may be aware of Senate Bills 721 and 326.  These bills are known as The Balcony Laws.  Owners of multi-family buildings with three or more dwelling units have until January 1, 2025, to complete the first inspection of the exterior elevated elements.  This requirement applies to HOA’s, Property Managers, Building Owners, Cap-Ex Managers and Community Associations and the properties that qualify.  The purpose of the bills is to ensure the safety and structural integrity of the exterior elevated elements and associated waterproofing systems are in proper working condition and do not pose a threat to the health and safety of the public.

What is an Exterior Elevated Element?

•    Any element that delivers a structural load to the

      building  from decks, balconies, stairways, walkways            and their railings, entry structures and porches.

•    It is elevated at least 6 feet above ground level.

•    It is supported by wood or wood-based products.

•    The Associated Waterproofing System is included.

What is an Associated Waterproofing System?

How can your property achieve compliance and manage risk?

The property must be inspected by a qualified inspector such as an architect or structural engineer.  High End Development works closely with these inspectors to identify and remediate any issues related to water damage.  We offer a routine scheduled inspection program to monitor the elements and make sure the property is in compliance with these laws.    Since 2006, High End Development has worked with many major homebuilders and multi-family properties to provide waterproofing solutions.

This system includes flashings, membranes, coatings and sealants that protect the load bearing components of exterior elevated elements from exposure to water and it is an integral part of the exterior elevated element.

To schedule a job walk, please contact us by 925-687-2540 or email us at  Let us design a schedule and solution to fit your needs.


Exterior Elevated Elements

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