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Gas & Vapor Mitigation

High End Development, Inc. is the leading expert in gas and vapor mitigation. We understand just how important capping contaminant soils to ensure successful, safe and vapor-free buildings. 


As the population increases in California, the need for space has forced builders to construct on top of land that otherwise would not be considered safe to build on due to contaminants in the soil. Gas and vapor systems deliver a solution to the movement of chemical vapors or toxic gases found in the soils and groundwater. These systems are developed to cap the vapor and gases in contaminated soils, mitigating the risk of any vapor or gas intrusion into the building.  

Our team has cultivated strong relationships with environmental soil engineers who can design an individualized solution for your project requirement. Our overall experience and knowledge in sealing the building envelope protects your building against dangerous gas and vapors from seeping into the building.  We install both a soil capping material and vent piping prior to slab pour. This method allows any vapor or contaminant to mitigate and protects your building from these harmful gases. 

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